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Looking for Compressed Air Pipe Installations in WA.

Airgen Australia can install compressed air pipe systems ranging from 20mm up to 100mm, basic compressor installations, addition Air Receivers and complete factory ring main systems can be drawn up in house, supplied and fitted efficiently by our team.

High Performance, Colour Identifiable, Compressed Air Pipe.

Aluminium High Flow compressed air pipe. Typically weighing three times less than steel and permanently colour-coded for optimum safety, the clean, low-friction and non-corrosive pipe system is far simpler, faster and less expensive to erect and reconfigure than conventional systems. Aluminium pipes natural strength and rigidity allows pipes to be produced with much thinner walls and larger internal diameters, in turn creating a larger bore and resulting in increased flow rates and reduced pressure drops when compared to a similar size in other materials.

The Importance of Colour Identification.

Current building codes of practice dictate that all pipework within commercial and industrial facilities be labelled or painted to readily indentify the types of contents. Our Pipe is the simplest method of complying with current building codes, requiring no additional costs or work and will fully comply with Australian Standards AS 1345-1995.

Compressed Air Fittings.

A major component to any efficient piping system is an equally efficient fitting system, our system makes use of one of the best in the form of 100% leakfree compression fittings. Designed with quality in mind our fittings are manufactured from Akulon Polyamide, one of the most highly used industrial grade plastics, renowned for its robust strength, high detail finish, cost effectivness and long service life.

Airgen Alu-pipe.