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Senator launches Energy Saving Variable Speed Drive Air Compressors

The Senator ESV Series comprises a range of electric rotary screw air compressor sets that are integrated, tank-mounted packages supplied ready for use.

The Senator LSV Series comprises a range of electric rotary screw air compressors that are efficient, well equipped, base-mounted units supplied ready for use.

They incorporate state-of-the-art variable speed drive (VSD) technology that saves energy by continuously adjusting compressor output to match the air demand. Each model has been developed using innovative European design concepts to realize an easy-to-use and maintain layout that includes upgraded heavy-duty components to satisfy the demands of Australia’s harsh operating conditions. Ideally suited for medium-to-large industrial applications with fluctuating compressed air demand, the fully-featured Senator LSV Series establishes a new affordability benchmark for high efficiency VSD screw compressors without sacrificing performance, quality or reliability.

Energy consumption comprises about 75% of the total annual cost associated with an electric screw compressor in most industrial applications. A conventional fixed-speed 75 kW unit, for example, uses around $30,000 worth of electricity per year on average working just one 38-hour shift per week. Senator LSV Series compressors typically use 15 to 30% less electricity than comparable fixed speed models. In the above example for a 75 kW unit, this would yield an energy cost saving of up to nearly $10,000 per year. A Senator LSV Series compressor is the smart choice whether you’re buying for a new installation or a replacement upgrade. It will pay for itself many times over in electricity cost savings.