No Loss Auto Drain (NLD)

Condensate Removal / No Loss Auto Drain (NLD)

About this Product

No Loss Condensate Drain NLD – Series

Once the water vapour/aerosols in the air system are condensed either by drying, filtering or water separation it is vital that the condensate and the contaminants contained within it that can cause considerable damage to compressed air lines, production machinery or production batches if not properly handled is removed from the pressurised air system safely and at a low expense, the NLD is an ideal replacement for all drain types, NLD are energy efficient as they prevent compressed air loss whilst discharge.

(No Loss Condensate Drains with level control ensure loss free condensate discharge)


No Loss Condensate Drains with diaphragm valve discharge condensate reliably

Condensate drainage via a diaphragm valve with large cross-section ensures that contaminants are flushed out and thus ensures fault-free operation of the valve. At the same time, the condensate is prevented from forming an emulsion that would need expensive condensate treatment. All No Loss Condensate Drains come with volt free alarm contacts.

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